Discover the benefits of The Pool Filter Acoustic Box.


  • Sound Proof

    Most councils (and certain state building codes) require any equipment emitting noise to be no more than 5DB above the background noise from the nearest residential boundary. The Acoustic pool filter Box contains special acoustic material which ensures the design complies with all state and council regulations with regards to sound proofing . The sound proofing material in our boxes generally translates into a reduction of 80% in noise levels!

  • Please also see our Acoustic Engineer Report.

  • Ease of assembly

    The Acoustic pool filter Box is the only one of its kind (currently on the Australian market) that requires NO NUTS AND BOLTS and NO SPECIAL TOOLS for assembly!. The panels simply click together with minimal effort and only require one person. Assembly takes LESS THAN 5 MINUTES by someone with no prior building or handiwork experience! 

    We also provide clear and illustrated installation instructions with every order.

Benefit 1

Benefit 2

Better Access & More Space

  • Have you always wished there was just an extra 50mm when working on/installing the equipment?

     All our pool filter box models are designed with more internal space - offering you that extra flexibility and comfort without adding to the overall size!.. The front door is fully removable - there are no frames/bars across the panel, allowing for yet better access…even the top lid is fully removable!

  • Superior Design & Ventilation

    The Acoustic pool filter Box offers enhanced sturdiness yet it’s lighter than other models on the market. The boxes are made of thick galvanised metal (0.9 mm) but weight approx. 10 kgs lighter than other models.

    The design offers strategically placed and engineered ventilation gaps to allow for good air circulation without any water leaks.

     All pool filter boxes are finished with quality thick powder coating and come in various colours.

    • Safety

    All our pool filter boxes include built-in dual locking mechanism across the front panel and the top lid. As well as the obvious safety feature, this also adds more sturdiness to the box especially in high wind areas.

    The front lift-out panel is also designed with a child proof feature which requires ‘lifting up’ then ‘out’ to be removed.

  • Save money

    The noise reduction achieved when using our pool filter boxes means that you may be able to save a substantial amount of money on electricity bills by using your pool equipment during off-peak hours.

  • Immediate availability

    We have stock readily available in all colours and sizes - and in most cases delivery is within 24 hours within Sydney Metro and next day dispatch interstate.

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia and 100% Australian owned.

Benefit 3

"We deliver our Pool Filter Covers and Pool Filter Boxes Australia-wide including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth using door to door courier service."

What our clients say

  • “We recently started using Pool Filter Covers from The Acoustic Box – and there’s certainly no turning back for us. It literally takes a few minutes to put together –not to mention the great prices and service… and we’re also saving money on assembly costs. Needless to say, even our Plumber is ecstatic he doesn’t have to spend an hour or more assembling a box and fiddling with nuts & bolts. We have no hesitation recommending The Acoustic Box to other Pool Builders and Pool suppliers”

    Bill Banovic
    (Domain Pools)