1. Deliveries
a) Deliveries lead times will be advised to customers at the time of order placement and will generally depend on workload at the time. Typical delivery lead times are within 7 business days within the Sydney metro and 14 days to the regions and interstate.
b) The Acoustic Box is unable to guarantee an exact delivery time. Delivery will take place between 7 am – 6 pm.
c) Our driver/courier will deliver as per the delivery instructions at the time of placing the order. In the event instructions are not specified, the driver will leave the product(s) as close as practically possible to the front door of the property.
d) The Acoustic Box Pty Ltd does not take any responsibility for any lost or damaged product(s) after delivery.
e) The goods and/or services rendered remain the property of The Acoustic Box Pty Ltd until full payment is received.

2. Interstate / Regional deliveries & Freight Insurance
a) Any delivery outside the Sydney metro area is treated as a regional or interstate delivery.
b) Interstate and regional deliveries are delivered via third party couriers and subject to freight insurance.
c) The Acoustic Box Pty Ltd™ offers a freight insurance service for $12.95 + GST which covers any damage to the product(s) whilst in transit (before receipt of the product)
d) Customers that have paid for the freight insurance service at the time of placing the order or before the order is shipped from our warehouse will be entitled to a free replacement of any damaged parts.
e) To claim for a replacement, customers are required to email evidence of the damage within 48 hours of receipt.
f) In the event freight insurance is not selected, customers can purchase replacement panels plus any applicable freight charges.

3. Warranties, exchanges, refunds & faulty goods
a) Any claims for damaged or faulty products must be reported to The Acoustic Box Pty Ltd within 24 hours of delivery, otherwise it will be deemed the product(s) are received in good order and the full amount as per the invoice is payable.
b) In the event the product(s) is damaged or faulty due to an error by The Acoustic Box Pty Ltd, we will deliver new product(s) or panel(s) as per the order details. Delivery date for a replacement will be made within 20 business days. Please note, the replacement delivery fee will be at the customers expense UNLESS freight insurance was purchased with the original order
c) Any changes to orders must be communicated in writing to The Acoustic Box Pty Ltd before shipment of the product(s) otherwise it is deemed that the order is correct as per the order correspondence.
d) In the event The Acoustic Box Pty Ltd agrees to exchange a product, the following charges / refunds will apply:

I. an exchange from a standard model (with a rear panel) to a backless model (or vice versa): $110+ GST.

II. an exchange to a different model: 50% refund of the price of the model to be exchanged

III. a delivery or pickup fee (POA) will be charged on all new orders / exchanges.

IV. The Acoustic Box may refuse exchanges in the event the panels to be excnaged are damaged

V. Individual panels may also be ordered. Panel costs vary depending on size and type.

e) The Acoustic Box Pty Ltd will only allow exchanges (after delivery) if the goods have not been installed and remain intact in their original wrapping.
f) The Acoustic Box does not offer any guarantees with regards to the life of the following items - as this will depend on the location and level of exposure to the elements:
I. the powder coating
II. the acoustic foam
III. the gas struts
IV. the 'eventual ‘fading of panels.

Notes with regards to the fading of panels (and in particular "lids"):
The effect of sunlight UV rays combining with dirt will break down or oxidise the panels, potentially forming a white chalking effect as well as making the panels fade. “Unwashed areas” will also lead to condensation, which can be absorbed by the dust and dirt that build up in these areas, leading to dissolution of aggressive compounds that may initiate corrosion. The effect is made worse in the vicinity of a salt marine environment, where the build-up includes marine salts and/or other pollutants (e.g. chemicals or industrial residues).

The Acoustic Box suggests regular cleaning with mild soap, sponge and fresh water to remove dirt and grime and to prevent ‘chalking’ which is the white coating on ‘faded panels, and in particular ’ lids. Washing should be done six monthly as a minimum, or three monthly in coastal areas where marine salt spray is prevalent, or in areas with high levels of airborne.

g) The Acoustic Box offers a 7-year warranty on all parts of the box. The warranty is either apportioned or pro-rata, as determined at the discretion of The Acoustic Box. Apportionment of warranty means replacement parts will be of similar age (to the initial order). Pro-rata means that a fee may be payable for the replacement part. The fee will be consistent with the warranty period. This warranty does not cover:
I. Intentional or accidental damage to the parts caused by the customer;
II. Where the parts have been altered or tampered with;
III. Where the parts were installed incorrectly;
IV. Items outlined in point 4(g)

V. where the enclosure is installed within a 200 metre radius to a coastal area

4. Installations
a) a standard installation is defined as / includes:
i. Installing the footings
ii. Installing the enclosure, including backless enclosures of any size
iii. Hole-sawing through the enclosure to let pipes in/out of the enclosure & re-plumbing up to 1 small pipe (if required)
iv. Attaching timber sleepers to the wall (if required)
v. Minor levelling of ground (not more than 20mm gradient / slope – and if required)

b) a standard installation does NOT include:
i. Major replumbing or moving equipment (EG: relocating a heater or a pump)
ii. Decommissioning old enclosures and / or disposal
iii. Major site preparation work such as major leveling of ground etc.

c) Once an order (for an installation service) is received the customer needs to email images of the site and description of the work required
d) If it is apparent the installation is not a “standard” installation, the customer can elect to have the installation cost refunded or for our installer to attend the site (at no cost) and re-quote for the installation.
e) No refund is given for the cost of the enclosure and / or other services & products selected in the event the installation service is cancelled or the new installation quote is not accepted.