Pool Filter Box Covers & Pump Sheds

Discover the main features of The Pool Filter Acoustic Box.


The Acoustic pool filter Box is a unique state-of-the-art designed swimming pool filter/pump cover. Assembly does not require any nuts & bolts or any special tools.

It takes less than 5 minutes by someone with no previous experience in building or handiwork to assemble one of our medium sized boxes. In most cases, after assembling a number of boxes, this takes even less time!.

The pool filter box is made of (0.9 mm) galvanised metal and finished with quality thick powder coating.



The Acoustic pool filter box comes in 7 different colours - Classic Black, Saddle

Brown (dark), Eggshell Beige, Deep Sea Green (dark), Forest Eucalyptus,

Dolomite Grey and Slate Gray. Custom colours are also available on request.

Color List

Box Size


Small (XY-S)

  • Internal Dimensions: 1045W X 1045D X 1100H 
  • External Dimensions: 1110W X 1100D X 1145H 
  • This model weighs approximately 55 kg in total and is designed to fit one large filter, motor / pump and chlorinator.

Slim large (XY-SL) OR Slim small (XY-SS)

  • Internal Dimensions: 1595W X 604D X 1100H OR 1045W X 604D X 1100H
  • External Dimensions: 1660 W X 660D X 1145H OR 1100W X 660D X 1145H
  • This model weighs approximately 60 kg in total. It is primarily designed for the side of the house where access is normally limited to 900MM (from the boundary to the side of the house). It fits one average size filter, motor / pump and chlorinator.

Medium (XY-M)

  • Internal Dimensions: 1595W X 1045D X 1100H 
  • External Dimensions: 1660W X 1100D X 1145H 
  • This model weighs approximately 65 kg and is designed to fit one large filter, motor / pump and chlorinator plus a solar heating pump.

Large (XY- L)

  • Internal Dimensions: 2155W X 1045D X 1100H 
  • External Dimensions: 2218W X1100D X 1145H 
  • This model weighs approximately 98 kg and is designed to fit a large filter and up to four pumps, solar heating, blower etc.

Custom sizes can also be accommodated on request.

Backless models

All our boxes also come in 'backless' configuration. This is ideal if your equipment is affixed to a wall, fence etc. and you are unable to relocate it inside the box. The measurements for our backless boxes are the same (as above) with the excepetion of the depth  - which is 51mm in addition to the normal depth (to allow for the lid to open).


We also offer custom cut footing for all of our pool filter boxes models. The footing is made from H3 treated timber & come with strap nails ready to assemble.


***Please ensure you allow 40mm clearance at the back of the box for the lid to open.
***Please also allow an additional 20mm each side whan setting your concrete slab.

"We deliver our Pool Filter Covers and Pool Filter Boxes Australia-wide including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth using door to door courier service."

What our clients say

  • “We recently started using Pool Filter Covers from The Acoustic Box – and there’s certainly no turning back for us. It literally takes a few minutes to put together –not to mention the great prices and service… and we’re also saving money on assembly costs. Needless to say, even our Plumber is ecstatic he doesn’t have to spend an hour or more assembling a box and fiddling with nuts & bolts. We have no hesitation recommending The Acoustic Box to other Pool Builders and Pool suppliers”

    Bill Banovic
    (Domain Pools)