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Slim large pool pump cover Slim large pool filter and pump box

Item 160611 - 1660 mm W x 660 mm D x 1145 mm H

The 1600 model Pool Pump & Filter Cover is primarily designed to enclose equipment at the side of the house / tight areas - where access / thoroughfare is often limited. The reduced depth of 660mm (710mm if backless) will still fit most common sand and cartridge filters, yet allowing enough access between the box and the boundary fence / other hard surfaces. This model fits one average size filter (sand or cartridge), a motor / pump, a solar pump and a chlorinator.

Reduces noise by 80%! - Assembles in 5 minutes with absolutely NO NUTS / BOLTS or any TOOLS. Galvanised & Powder Coated - Rust Proof. Protects your Pool Pump / Filter with engineered ventilation gaps. Easy lift out access from front & top.

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